Plumbing Services In Whitby, Ontario

Plumbing Services in Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Ontario, and Surrounding Areas

Plumbing Services In Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Ontario, And Surrounding Areas

Kitchen sink backed up right before an important family gathering? We understand the need for prompt, clean, and reliable service. Call us, and we will dispatch a technician to arrive within the hour. Weekend, midnight, holidays, we are always available to come to your rescue, at no additional charge.

We do it all. From leaky shower valve, faucet, toilet, and beyond. We will do our best to arrive, inspect, diagnose and troubleshoot your plumbing issues and provide you with a variety of solutions based on your price range.

We often see sump pumps floods in the lowest part of a basement. This is especially common in the spring time. It is our job to help keep this area of your home dry and to prevent it from flooding again.

At Plumbing & Heating Heroes, we live by the wise words of former NFL quarterback, Don McPherson “True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.” Allow us to keep your drains clean and clog free with our yearly maintenance membership package.

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Other services may include: water softeners, shut-off valves, frozen pipes, leak detection, water heater, excavation and sewer lining, clogged toilets, etc. Inquiry today to find out more information about how we can come to your plumbing and furnace repair in Whitby, ON.

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