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It would not be wrong to say that people often take their household’s plumbing system for granted and do not dial their plumber’s number until there’s already a mishap. At Plumbing & Heating Heroes, we want you to never come across such inconveniences. Contact Us Today for Drains and Sewer and sump pump repair in Whitby, ON and Ajax, Pickering, Ontario, and Surrounding Areas.

Why Do I Need a Professional Drainage Inspection?

Drains and sewers are notorious for messing up your household’s plumbing system because most of the time, they are tucked away, out of your sight, within your household’s walls, or under the ground.

People may fail to suspect a slight decline in water pressure from their kitchen faucet or a hissing sound from their bathroom sink for something serious. The slow buildup of debris, hair, sludge, etc., can cause plumbing issues ranging from decreased water output to pipe bursts.

Experts at Plumbing & Heating Heroes recommend that you should schedule a professional inspection service for your drains and sewer as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary. It is always wise to have your pipes and taps professionally examined for minor repairs than to delay such services until there’s a colossal mishap, incurring more discomfort and money.

We Can Help Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy

Like your household’s HVAC, electricity, and gas supply system, a fully functioning plumbing system is also an equally important part of your routine, if not more so.

Over time, you may notice slow water drainage through the drain cover from your shower or bathtub. Hair, grease, foreign particles, etc., accumulate slowly, making drainage slow and often inducing sewage backflow. On the other hand, a leak or crack can cause small amounts of water to flow back to your sink or bathroom.

Plumbing & Heating Heroes have the latest devices and instruments that help our technicians inspect, reach and repair seemingly far-fetched or isolated defects while minimally invasive. For a better insight into our remarkable plumbing services, we have made a list of services designed to solve all your drainage issues in no time:

  1. Drain Camera Inspection
    A drain camera inspection uses an advanced, miniature camera designed to pass and fit into any nook or cranny to detect and capture all kinds of leaks, cracks, clogs, and other drainage issues in photo or video, live in front of the customers.
  2. Hydro Jetting
    Hydro jetting involves an efficient removal of the clog, grease, or debris buildup with the help of a high-pressure water jet. It is one of the most reliable and favored, non-invasive plumbing solutions in Ajax, Toronto, and nearby areas.
  3. Backwater Valves
    Backwater valves are ingenious devices to prevent backward water flow from your drainage pipes. Be it your kitchen sink or the toilet. Backwater valves keep such despicable situations from ever occurring in your household.

Plumbing Maintenance Services

Besides such dedicated plumbing service in Whitby, ON, a plumbing maintenance service is also quintessential to the health of your household drains and sewers. Our technicians are licensed and skilled to deliver a seamless and satisfying service on every visit.

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